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Spot 3450 Universal Welding Station
Supply Voltage *400 V
Mains Frequency *50/60 Hz
Mains Protection
25 A
Nominal Power50% ED 10 kVA
Maximum Welding Power 50 kVA
Maximum Secondary Current 8 kA
Thermal Current 100% 8 V
Weld time 1- 99 Cycles
Protection Rating 21 IP
Weight 105 kg

Universal  Welding  Station  10kVA,  with  pneumatic  gun.  Upon  request  water - cooled arms, electrodes, cables  with  double  program  and  simultaneous  connection  of  two  tools,  with automaticrecall of the relevant memorized  welding  program, enabling to save time, avoid errors so to have a simple and working  process. Smart Gun, patented  pneumatic  gun  with adjustable stroke and double action trigger 

Car body shop repair works : resistance spot welding of sheets, sheet straightening with spotter(nails and washers ),  localised  sheets  heating ( carbon electode ), screws and rivets welding, inox sheet-metals spotting.

The welding stations with epoxy-coated transformers are supplied equipped with  synchronous  digital welding control unit TE95, with double program, time adjustment in cycles and pulses, welding current adjustment and compensation : Welding cables : Item 3873 - Extra - flexible (welding) cables 150mm2 L=2000mm (upon demand).

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