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Injector Cleaner CEA-05  
Power AC220v 50hz 160w
Working place temp 5℃~45℃
Injectors 1 to 4
Rpm range 0-9950 r/min
Pulse width 0-20 ms; step :0.1r/min
Count 0-9950r/min step 50 r/min
Working system pressure 0.64mm (90 Psi)
Testing content
Tests 1-4 injectors, can check injectors for leakages and spray pattern.
Testing model
Simulates engine running status and injector spray time.
Tests up to 4 injectors at one time to check flow rate.
Cleaning model
Ultrasonic bath for cleaning injectors. Injectors can also be pulsed while being cleaned.
Other features
This high quality machine has many features to make injector cleaning
and checking simple. This machine comes with a wide range of adaptors for many injectors.
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