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Nitrogen Inflator - 1670
Suit For Car & Light Truck
Power 220+-10% , 50/60Hz
Nitrogen Generated Through High Quality Filtration
Nitrogen Purity 95-99.9%
Air Inlet Pressure 9~10kg/cm2; 130-145PSI
Nitrogen Outlet Pressure 6~8kg/cm2;85-115PSI
Output Capacity 60-70L/Min;15.8-18.5Gallon/Min
N2 Tank Capacity 70L/18.5Gallon inside
Standard 2 hoses+Vaccum Genarator & N2 inflator

Features :

Larger LED digital for pressure, time & nitrogen purity
Equipped with precision water/oil filter & separator
Equipped with full automatic water/oil filter & separator, it can drain the water out automatically at any time
Double-level filtration help prolong lifetime of main part inside
Equipped with independent backup system for computer.

Advantages of Nitrogen Gas in Tyre

Nitrogen gas is lighter than air in weight. Usage of Nitrogen Gas in whheels decreases the overall weight of the vehicle. Therefore the vehicles fuel efficiency increases.

Size of Nitrogen Molecules

The size of nitrogen gas molecules is 4 times bigger than air. Therefore, in case of puncture, the nitrogen gas escapes very slowly from tyre thus giving, more time to drive a punctured tyre.

Low Thermal Conductivity of Nitrogen

Nitrogen Gas does not expand due to heat. Therefore, in summer or at high speed, the tyre does not expand or burst due to increase intemperatrure.
Due to high thermal coefficient of expansion, nitrogen derives a stable nature. Therefore, the gas does not expand due to increase in temperature and hence does not exert pressure on thermal walls of the Tyre. It gives longer life to Tyre
The Nitrogen Gas does not contract due to low temperature. Thus the tyre rubber does not contract. Therefore the lfe of tyre rubber increases.
Also, as the Tyre rubber remains softer (Elastic) because of low expansion and contraction, the braking of tyre wheels is  improved due to improved road grip

Advantages of Nitrogen Gas :

As the elastic property of Tyre rubber is intact, the tyre does not skid on turns.
The tyre makes less noise on turns.
Usage of nitrogen gas in tyre increases the tyre life & fuel saving.
All Formula-1 and Racing Cars use Nitrogen Gas in Tyre for better road grip, better driving comfort and Safety
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