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Diesel Smoke Meter  
Main Characteristics :
Opacity measurement with partial flow continuous gas sampling
Heated and temperature-controlled smoke chamber
Easy and quick cleaning with no need of disassembling parts
Any kind of test procedure available to be implemented on external device
Automatic zeroing
Software-supported calibration
Measurement of gas pressure
Measurement of engine speed (optional)
Measurement of oil temperature (optional)
12 - 24Vdc power supply
Standard RS-232 serial interfaces
Wireless Smoke (Opacity) Meter Module
For Diesel engine smoke (opacity) check both on cars and light and heavy commercial vehicles
RELIABLE: complies with most important standards worldwide like ISO 3173, ISO 11614 and SAE J 1667.
PRECISE AND ACCURATE: the new smoke measurement chamber has the capability to compensate measurements with temperature and pressure.
HANDY AND COMFORTABLE: battery power supply and radio communication with a PC or the V-pex console make the machine comfortable and harmless to operate on any vehicle even for roadside operations
General Description
V-Smoke is a smoke (opacity) module suitable for use in repair shop, inspection centre and road-side tests for Diesel vehicle of any kind. The V-Smoke performs all measurements required by the typical Diesel emission test procedure: opacity, engine speed, oil temperature, etc. Data are available for remote sending for display, storage, printing-out, etc. The available battery and radio link make the V-Smoke very handy and comfortable of use.
Optional Accessories
12Vdc 24 A/h battery
Radio interface
Universal Diesel RPM 8500 measurement unit
Oil temperature measurement unit
Hand held terminal
Windows®-compatible software
Hand held terminal
Windows®-compatible software
Blue tooth
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