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Maxima with Electronic Measurement System
The new generation of MAXIMA-ALLVIS Measurement System is made under the combination of traditional measurement and auto body data, it could help you to finish a better measurement easily and quickly. Totally 4,000 more auto model data from 70 more auto manufacturers can be downloaded online directly.
Point to Point measurement (length & diagonal) can be easily realized.
It can be conveniently used onto the Bench, Lift or ground.
The unique patented magnetic head allows operate by one person.
The measured value could be printed and saved into the computer.
The measurement procedure is humanization design.
The built-in level device can help to adjust the height value during measurement.
The computer could display the measured value, and adjust it by record button to reduce error.
Totally 4,000 more auto model data can be downloaded online directly, and could be updated yearly.
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