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Spot 3655CF20 Universal Welding Station
Supply Voltage *400 V
Mains Frequency *50/60 Hz
Mains Protection
40 A
Nominal Power50% ED 25 kVA
Maximum Welding Power -  kVA
Maximum Secondary Current 12 kA
Thermal Current 100% 1,25 V
No load secondary voltage 15 V
Weld time 1- 65 Cycles
Protection Rating 21 IP
Weight 150 kg
Specifications are subject to change without Notice

Direct current  welding  station  with  inverter  technology  M.F.25kVA. ( 1000Hz ),  Water - cooled pneumatic double program.  Simultaneous  connection  of   two  tools,  with  automatic recall of the relevant memorized welding program, enabling to save time, avoid errors so to have a simple and safe working process. Fast gun, patented pneumatic gun with adjustable stroke and double action trigger.

Car body shops repair works: spot welding with "C" gun, even for high  strength steels both  single-sided and twin spot; welding of nails and washers for sheet straightening (spotter function); localized heating with carbon electrode : sheet - metals spotting.  By means of  the inverter  technology  that allows a constant and high welding current, not influenced  by  the  variations  of the supply voltages and by the secondary circuit conditions,  the  quality  of  the  spot  is  improved  also  on  galvanized sheets. The high current value allows to save  time  resulting  in a longer electrodes life. The reduced absorption balanced on the three phases reduces the connecting costs.

The welding  stations  equipped  with  water-cooled  epoxy-coated  welding  transformer are supplied complete with : analogue welding control unit with  potentiometers, with  two  independent programs, time adjustments in cycles, pulses, welding current and compensation.

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