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Computerised Wheel Balancer CB 986
Power supply 220V/60 Hz/1Ph
Power 0.25Kw
Rim Width 1.5/12"
Rim diameter 12/24"
Max wheel diameter 800mm
Balancing time 7 Second
Balancing Speed 180 rpm
Balancing precision ± 1 gm
Net/Gr.Weight 120/150 kg
Dimension 820 x 820 x 1100mm
Vertical 3 display unit
Many kinds of balancing modes to suit for different tyres
Indicator for selected unit of measure (inch/mm and gram/ounce)
OPT Program to optimize tyre and rim matching
Built - in fault self-calibration and self-diagnose programme to survey the condition of key units
Auto Start/Auto Brake
Automatic rim distance
Push button control desk, longer service life and better feel
Automatic gauge or manual data input modes at your choices
40mm strong shaft support, taper match between the shaft and the adaptor, higher precision longer service life and wider test range
Foot operated main shaft lock system, help the operator lock the balancing point
3 kinds of wheel mounting modes at your choice
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