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Infra Red Drier
Lamps (Pcs) 3 Nos
Input Power Supply Single Phase 230 V,60 Hz
Rated Input Current (A) 15
Input Power (W) 3300
Baking Square (mm) 1200 x 1000
Working Distance (m) 0.5-0.7
Max. Baking Height (mm) 1.9
Power Cable Length (m) 5
Total Lamp Length (mm) 531
Heating Length (mm) 446
Lamp Diameter (mm) 20
Average Lamp Life 5000 Hours
Cable Connection Tab
Time Set up 0 min – 60 min, variable regulation
Light Intensity 10%-100%
Made from aluminium alloy, bright stainless steel and other special materials
Equipped with V power 21' quartz short wave infrared light tubes
Full automatic device equipped with LCD digital electric timer
Front and back regulate. Up and down movement, can acheive roof of auto
Single phase 220V 15A 50Hz 3*1100W
Baking square: 1200*1000mm
Temperature: 40-75degree
Set time: 0min-60min Variable regulation
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