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Fully Automatic A/C Service Equipment GEA 01
Recovery Speed 3 g/s
RecyclingSpeed                 8.0 g/s
Vacuum Speed 1.0 g/s
Recharging Speed 18g/s
Scale Accuracy ±10g/s
Work Tank Capacity 10kg
Dry Filter Capability 60kg R134a
Power Supply 50 Hz 230 V Single Phase.
Recovers refrigerant from the automobile air conditioner system.
After recycling, the refrigerant quality is in accordance with SAE standards.
Separate drain and Fresh A/C system oil.
Electro-magnetic valve controls the injection of A/C system oil.
Automatically removes the incondensable gases in refrigerant.
Electronic balance measures the recycled and recharged refrigerant during the whole process.
Micro-computer controls the whole process.
Liquid crystal bright background display.
Electro-magnetic valve design prevents damage from liquid flow.
Fast and convenient self-sealing connections.
Automatic reminding of problem checking and alarming.
Automatic reminding of present operation states.
Automatic reminding of daily maintenance.
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