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Mig Welder
                                                                                        TECHNICAL DATA :
Maximum Input Power 2.82 KVA/16A
Input Voltage 1*230V
Open Circuit Voltage 17.5 /35 V
Adjustment Range 4
Range 25-175A
Duty Cycle 25 % 150A
Duty Cycle 60 % 100A
Duty Cycle 100 % 80A
Weight 29 KG
Dimensions (W *L*H) 250 * 780 *490 MM
Wire Diameter 0.6-0.8 MM

Multifunction spot welding machine with digital control of welding current and timer.
Wheel mounted Single phase wire feed welding machine fan-cooled , for welding machine without gas (FLUX) and with gas (MIG- MAG) .

Extremely versatile thanks to the internal support for 15 kg. reels. With this welding machine it is possible to weld widely different types of materials such as : iron, stainless steel, aluminum, flux cored wire.
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