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Car Washer

Water output 750 Ltrs/Hr
Operating Pressure 110 bars/1600 PSI
Motor Rating 3 KW/4.5 HP
Discharge Hose 10 Mtrs
Spray Lance 75/150/500/1040mm
Spray Nozzle 25º /0º (Only one)

Features :

High Pressure Cleaner with advanced design, Twin Piston reciprocating pump, suitable for all type of cleaning/servicing/deoiling/ de-greasing purpose, four times the normal pressure and unbelievably compact design for easy mobility.
Fan Spray jet of water covering larger surface are for very effective and through cleaning compared to normal spray jet on regular washers.
High cleaning efficiency achieved in over 50% less time due to combination of high pressure & fan spray jet.
Vibration free operation due to high class quality reciprocation pump & pulsation dumper.
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