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 Mid Rise Scissor  Lift
This machine has unique design. It is the ideal lifting equipment for all kinds of high grade passenger car, tyre changing and four wheel alignment maintenance. It is easy to operate, running smooth and reliable, higher lifting safety quotiety and endurable features etc.

Technical Features :

Adopt hidden scissors style configuration, compacted dimension
Independent control box, Low voltage control, higher safe performance.
With functions of claw-lifting safety check and low position Anti foot-crush alarm when lowering.
Hydraulic capacity synchronous cylinder, working platform running synchronously and smoothly
With Hydraulic lock and mechanical dual-gear safety- claw lock double safety device, automatically open when lowering, By Lock operation can has the safety-claw located adversely, safe & reliable.
With the protection of hydraulic pressure fail and overload safety valve .
With Pipe anti-crack device to avoid the machine fall down quickly when oil pipe being cracked.
Sliding blocks adopt oil free super-wearable materials.
Adopt high quality hydraulic and electrical components made by Italy, Germany and Japan. etc.
Adopt printed circuit board to avoid the control line and electrical component becomes loose.
The level of the lift can be adjusted in high precision ,and especially for the four wheel alignment.
Technical Parameters :
Hoist Capacity     3500 Kg
Power Supply AC 380V/220V ±5% 50 Hz
Original Height of Platform 330mm
Hoist Lift Height 1850mm
Hoist Rise/Drop time 60 Sec
Gas Supply             5-8 Kg/Cm2
Client Capacity     3500 Kg
Power of Motor                   

2.2. KW

Hydraulic Oil                       

20 #

Client Lift Height                  


Client Rise/Drop time           


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