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Crash Body Repair System

Platform length 5200 mm
Platform width 2110 mm
Platform height 500 mm
Maximum pulling power of the tower 95 KN                      
Maximu hydraulic pressure 0.8 Mpa
Maximum lifting weight 3500 kg
Working range 360ยบ
The vehicle can drive on and off the patented hydraulic tiltable platform easily
The towers with patented round collar glide with ease around the entire equipment
The hydraulic system has large pulling capacity, long life span and low malfunction.
The patented MIT clamps can anchor the cars rock solid
The patented Universal Measurement System can fully measure the damaged vehicle by 3D with updated vehicle data
With high strength pulling tools and accessories, it can recover any car distortion  Movable tools cart
It can be updated with electronic measurement system
The Pulling chain is high strength and durable
ISO 9001-2000 certified
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