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Mgm Dent Liner
Power supply 2ph 400V 50/60Hz
Thermol 105℃
Max current 4200A
No-load voltage 13V
Size 61*41*45cm
Weight 48kg
Model BX-962
Power supply 2ph 380V 50/60Hz
Pin φ4mm-6mm
Max current 9000A
Loading voltage 40-180V
Size 61*41*45cm
Weight 31kg
Trolley and Acc 120*80*60cm
Trolley weight 80kg
Packing Wooden
Certification ISO CE
Code 10101000
Car body repair system is a combination of steel and aluminum dent pulling kit, indispensible for dent pulling of small, medium, and big chocks, (door, cover…) for pin welding, avoiding thinning
Remove dents without disassembling
Repair without replacing
Reduce the down-time
Increase your margin
Increase your productivity
Precision current and voltage control system
For aluminum, steel car body repairing
Control with a digital microprocessor
Digital display, easy to operate
Welding Ø4-Ø6mm aluminium stud and steel stud
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