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KT - 06

Latest PSD Sensor technology with Blue tooth communication
Colour monitor
Cordless communication, many worktables operation with one machine.
Adopts geometric center line and thrust line principle to implement wheels alignment.
Simple Procedure of operation
More than 10000 types car model data in the memory
Data entry by the user themselves for additional vehicle models.
Possess client management function and print function.
Bodywork lift adjust function.
Powerful battery charge system, can work 6-8 hours when charged full.
Mechanical Turn Tables
Error Messages in case of faults
Description Measurement accuracy Measurement Arrangement
Toe In/ Out ± 0.01 º ± 24 º
Camber ± 0.01 º ± 12 º
Caster ± 0.02 º ± 18 º
Front/Rear Setback ± 0.01 º ± 04 º
KPI ± 0.02 º ± 18 º
Thrust Angle ± 0.01 º ± 24 º
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