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Maxima Heavy Duty Column Lift
Lifting capacity 7500kgs (16,535LBS) per column
Max. lifting height 1700mm
Time for lifting or lowering 120s/100s
Power supply 208V, 60Hz 380V/400V/415V, 50Hz
Motor power 2.2 kW per column
Weight 580kgs per column
Lifting system hydraulic
Dimensions 226cm(H)*110cm(W)*120cm(L with hydraulic trolley)

 Features :

Each column is equipped with it’s own control system, applies to four,or six.
A switch on the master control box for single, double, four or all columns operation.
The hydraulic electric system provides safe and accurate real time control.
With up-to-date technology, SCM control system ensures the lifts’ synchronization.
Double safety system: mechanical lock and hydraulic check valve.
Fixed wheel supports or optional adjustable ones at your choice.
Mobile and flexible, the system can be used indoor or outdoor
Waterproof design for use in commercial washbays.
Requires only a flat, stable floor and a power source, no installation cost.
Whether you need to lift a truck or a bus, the choice is from MAXIMA HD column lift.
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