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HCV Wheel Aligner  

Features :

Computerized Wheel Aligner, Bluetooth, RF, Positioning Sensing Device with all accessories designed for Bus, Truck and other special vehicles from YECEN-HUNTER.
Applicable to the repair work for truck, buses, and other commercial vehicles The data base covers more than 8000 large vehicles models around the world
It adopts optical graphical sensing and Bluetooth communication
It is capable of measuring with vehicle models with long wheel base of 15 meters at most.
It uses 4/8 pieces of sensors, achieving a fully realized four wheel alignment system mode with 32 beam optical measurement
It has functions for customer management and data printing
Thrust angle can be accurately adjusted by its accurate calculation on the axle adjustment measurement
Window XP operating system
Electronic clinometer offered can be used to check the leveleness of the vehicle frame, lift and the operating site (the function for deviation compensation of the operating platform is optional)
Many frequency channels are set in the software so as to avoid the interferences when many alignment machines working together
It adopts 2.4G frequency wireless communication, which has strong force of penetration even blocked
The main board of the sensors adopts transducers imported from USA ensures long life time and high accuracy Main board of the sensors adopts surface mounted techniques and CPU American microchip double core technology and such low power consumption makes the fault rate approaching zero.
Technical Data :
Item Measurement Accuracy Measurement range Total Measurement Range
Camber ± 0.02° ± 8° ±8°
Caster ± 0.05° ± 19° ±19°
Front Wheel KP1 ± 0.02° ± 19°  ±19°
Total Toe ± 0.02° ± 26°  ±52°
Rear Wheel Thrust Angle ± 0.02° ± 4° ±8°
Toe out on turn ± 0.08° ± 5°   ±10°
Axle off set of Rear Wheel ± 0.02° ± 2° ±4°
Wheel Thread difference ± 0.03° ± 2° ±8°
Front Set back ± 0.02° ± 2° ±4°
Rear Set Back ± 0.02° ± 2°  ±4°
Wheel Thread ± 0.64cm (±0.25cm) < 265cm (< 105in) <265cm (< 105 in)
Wheel Base ± 0.64cm (±0.25cm) < 533cm (< 210in) <533cm (< 210 in)
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